Md. Mostafizur Rahaman Ph.D.

Mr. Md. Mostafizur Rahaman is a renowned social researcher with special expertise on Quality Education, Violent Extremism, Terrorism & Radicalization, Behavioral Science, Social inclusion, Social Accountability, Women’s Economic Empowerment, Alternative Media, Poverty alleviation, Contemporary development doctrines, Good Governance, Human Rights, and Communist Movements & Contemporary Politics in Bangladesh. He studied History (PhD and Masters) at the University of Rajshahi, Public Affairs (Masters) at the University of Dhaka and Development Studies (Masters) at North South University, and started his professional career in 1999. Wide-ranging work of Mr. Rahaman in relevant fields has been undertaken for 11 CSOs/CSO Networks (i.e., CAMPE, BIDS, CPD, SUPRO, RDC, BCCP, BPKS, DSK, NAF, Citizen’s Platform for SDGs, and The Hunger Project-Bangladesh), 2 Universities (i.e. Southern California, USA, and Manchester), Bangladesh Press Institute and Rapid Action Battalion (RAB). During his career, he has produced a number of books, study reports and articles (published in Peer Reviewed Scientific Journals and Newspapers) in his areas of interests, most of which are critically acclaimed. As member, Mr. Rahaman is affiliated with a number of reputed institutes/associations including Chartered Management Institute, London, UK; American Sociological Association, USA; Annenberg Summer Institute on Reform Communication Alumni, USC, USA; International Centre for Parliamentary Studies Alumni, London, UK; West Bengal History Congress, Kolkata, India; Citizen for Good Governance (SHUJAN), Dhaka, Bangladesh; and Bangladesh History Academy, Dhaka, Bangladesh, among others.


Javed Hussen

Mr. Javed Hussen is a promising development activist, with special expertise in comparative theology, mystical system of the Sufis, Violent Extremism, Cultural Heritage of Bangladesh, Alternative Media and youth engagement in peace promotion. He studied Management at the National University of Bangladesh and started his professional career in 2001. Wide-ranging work of Mr. Hussen in relevant fields has been undertaken for 3 International (i.e., WorldFish, NAMATI and Diakonia) and 5 National (i.e. CAMPE, ECOTA Fair Trade Forum, Mass-line Media Centre, Noakhali Rural Development Society – NRDS, and World Literature Centre-Bishwa Shahitya Kendra) Level Organizations. He is author/co-author of several research reports/articles published in Journals, Daily Newspapers and Online Achieves. Over the last 20 years, Mr. Hussen has volunteered in cultural and literary activities for a number of institutions/organizations.

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