Relevance of Yoga in modern life (Concluding Part of a discussion series on Yoga)

August 3, 2022

The FB live event took place on 7th November 2021. The Yoga Teachers/Instructors and Yoga Practitioners from Bangladesh and West Bengal (India) joined the event. Mr. Abhijit Ghos, PhD, was the speaker at the event. Dr. Ghosh, is a renowned Yoga Personality from India holding several key positions including Director, VYASA Kolkata, President, Arogya Bharati, West Bengal; and Secretary, Indian Yoga Association, West Bengal. His lecture covered a range of pertinent topics, including the followings.

  • The ‘ancient’ yoga and ‘modern’ life
  • Existence beyond the body
  • Yoga as a solution to the challenges in daily life
  • Pluralism in Yoga
  • Yoga as the path of peace and liberty