Brief Introduction

Harmony is a private voluntary organization established under the Trust Act of 1882. A Board of Trustees governs Harmony and it aims to promote healthy lives and well-being for all through application of the principles and methods of Naturopathy. Health is the focus of the operations of Harmony, and consequently, it also deals with other cross cutting thematic issues including food safety, conservation of natural environment & biodiversity and tolerance & peace. Harmony commits to serve the entire population of the country with a preference to the urban population, particularly to those representing the vulnerable groups.


Healthy Generations


Enable people to take responsibilities of their physical & mental health, and facilitate sustainable changes in their nutritional, WASH, sociocultural and environmental behaviors.

Core Values

Integrity: Fulfillment of commitment made either to self or to others.
Authenticity: Consistency among self-perception, self-manifestation and perception among others of the self.
Responsibility: Taking responsibilities for all known internal and external facts.
Enrichment: Consistent efforts for continuous development of all lives.

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