Healthcare Program

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A qualified consultant assesses and informs you- a) the proposed care (with alternative options, if any) along with the schedule and procedures for obtaining that; b) the expected outcomes of the care along with the estimated timeline; c) the expected cost for the care; d) any (if) potential negative effect of the care on your health condition; and e) your responsibilities, including the conditions for recovery (e.g. regulation in receiving agreed therapy sessions, food and lifestyle).


Upon testing your interests and aptitudes, our expert provides you with guidance by utilizing psychological methods to support you in recognizing and overcoming mental health issues. Both individual and group Counselling are available using a virtual platform.

Regular Yoga Sessions

Online Yoga classes are made available for different age and sex groups. Team Harmony facilitates the sessions by explaining and demonstrating appropriate yoga postures/breathing exercises/meditation/guided imagery to support the maintenance/recovery of desired health conditions.

Reflexology Therapy

A competent Reflexology therapist provides the patient with the Therapy, under the direct supervision and as per instruction of a qualified consultant, to support recovery. Sessions take place at the client's premises as per an agreed schedule. The service is available only within Dhaka City.

Acupressure Therapy

A competent Acu-Therapist provides a patient with Acupressure therapy to support recovery. Sessions take place at the client's premises as per an agreed schedule. The service is available only within Dhaka City.

Reflexology Therapists Certificate Course

The short-term professional course can help you become a part/full-time Reflexology Therapist. Not only a source of income, but successful completion can enable you to manage your health issues lifelong. The duration of the course is of 6 months. It includes both contact and non-contact hours. The contact hours are for theoretical and practical sessions. The non-contact hours are for practice of self-application and internship.

Trainings on Disease Management

This enables participants to prevent/control diseases through self-administration of Naturopathy. The elements include an appropriate and customized combination of Reflexology, Yoga & Meditation, Acupressure and Lifestyle Modification. Sessions are conducted by a qualified professional, in small batches through short-term (7.5 hours in 5 sessions spread over 5 weeks) courses arranged separately under the following categories.

  • Respiratory Problems
  • Cardiovascular Problems
  • Diabetes
  • Mental Stress
  • Bone and Joint Disease
  • Digestive Disorder
  • Obesity
  • Kidney Problem
  • Reproductive Problems
  • Cancer

The book titled “Reflexology: Theory and Practice”

The book has already gained popularity as the pictorial instructions serve as an easy-to-understand manual for the readers. Harmony published it in January 2020. The book can be collected through online order.

Basic Reflexology Training

Completion of the certificate course will enable you to recover desired health conditions of self/family members/friends and experience healing through the application of Reflexology. An experienced Reflexologist will take you through theory and practice within 15 hours in 9 sessions spread over 9 weeks. The topics are:

  • Understanding health & disease
  • Lifestyle & Health
  • Theory, history and scientific evolution of Reflexology
  • Reflex Map and it’s use
  • Therapy Techniques
  • Do’s and Don’t
  • Disease specific application of Reflexology