Consultancy & Technical Assistance


We serve the Organizations/Agencies having focus on physical, mental, and social aspects of health, and/or any of the determinants of health like the social and economic environment, the physical environment, and the individual characteristics & behaviours of the communities. Aiming to improve the quality and scale of their services/products, we offer the public/private sector entities customized Capacity Building services in Management of Resources, Knowledge, Information, Systems, Operation and Service/Product Delivery.

A large pool of our resource persons delivers customized services in the below areas.

  • Learning and Knowledge Management
    1. Research/Study
    2. Base/End line Survey, and Evaluation/Assessment of the Development Projects/Programs
    3. Impact Assessment
    4. Learning / Lesson Documentation
    5. Situation/Stakeholder Analysis
    6. Mapping
  • Organizational Capacity Development
    1. Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA)
    2. Organizational Capacity Strengthening Planning (OCSP)
    3. Change Management
    4. Process Facilitation
  • Strategic Management
    1. Strategic Planning
    2. Business Planning
    3. Communication Strategy
  • Policy/System Development
    1. Governance Policy
    2. HR Policy
    3. Financial Policy
    4. Procurement Policy
    5. Gender Policy
    6. Child Protection Policy
    7. Safeguarding and Risk Management Policy
    8. M&E System
    9. Feedback/Complaint Management System
    10. Management Information System
    11. Contingency planning
  • Skill Transfer
    1. Training Module Development
    2. Training of Trainers/Facilitators
    3. Development of IEC Materials
    4. Training Delivery
    5. Process Facilitation