Our Team


Dr. Muhammod Abdus Sabur

Dr. Muhammod Abdus Sabur is a prominent personality in the health sector of Bangladesh. He prepared the background papers of the health sector for both the 6th and 7th Five Year Plan of the Government of Bangladesh (GoB), and was closely involved in the preparation of the 4th Health, Population and Nutrition Sector Program 2017-2022 of GoB. Besides freelance consultancy, he is currently adjunct faculty in the Institute of Health Economics of the University of Dhaka and North South University. Dr. Sabur started his professional career in 1981 and served the GoB, various bi/multilateral agencies (i.e. DFID, WHO, UNFPA and UNDP) and international NGOs (Save the Children, CARE and Water Aid). In his career, Dr. Sabur has performed leading roles in both public and private sector entities e.g. the Team Leader of the Program Support Office in the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of GoB, and the Country Representative of Water Aid in Bangladesh. He has been educated in both Bangladesh (MBBS and Post-Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management) and England (Masters in Community Health).

M. Anisul Islam

Founder Trustee
Mr. M. Anisul Islam is a renowned social scientist with special expertise on environmental economics, natural resource management (especially, on wetlands and swamp forests), agricultural research & development, climate change adaptation, disaster management, Monitoring & Evaluation, and community mobilization. At present, he serves the Center for Natural Resource Studies as the Director. Mr. Islam studied Social Work at the University of Dhaka, and started his professional career in 1987. His wide-ranging work as an expert in relevant fields has been undertaken for bi/multilateral funding agencies (i.e. the World Bank, USAID, DFID, and UNDP), line ministries and departments (i.e. Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief, Department of Fisheries, Department of Environment and Water Development Board) of the Government of Bangladesh and Bangladesh Open University. During his career, Mr. Islam has produced a number of books, study reports and articles in his areas of interests, most of which are critically acclaimed.

Amitabha Ghosh

Mr. Amitabha Ghosh is an expert in the field of democratic governance having specialization in lobbing and advocacy with the parliamentarians and members of high level political fora. He is an accredited facilitator of Building Resources in Democracy, Governance and Elections (BRIDGE) and is also a Silva Graduate. Mr. Ghosh started his professional career in 1997, and at present he looks after the country program of International Republican Institute in Bangladesh. In his early career, Mr. Ghosh served a number of reputed international organizations e.g. SONNE International, UN Women Bangladesh, National Democratic Institute (NDI), The Asia Foundation (TAF) and Japan Youth Volunteer Association. During his tenure, he has worked in both Bangladesh and Japan. Mr. Ghosh studied Accountancy at Rajshahi University, Business Management at National University and Personnel Management at Bangladesh Institute of Management.

Amitabha Bhattacharjee


Mr. Amitbha Bhattacharjee is the Founder of Harmony. He is serving the organization as the Secretary and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Bhattacharjee is a renowned management expert in the development sector of Bangladesh with special expertise on Organizational & Institutional Development, Strategic Management, Change Management, Learning & Knowledge Management, Governance & Rights and Social Inclusion. His professional career started in 1998 and over the period expertize of Mr. Bhatcharjee has been rendered to various bi/multilateral funding agencies, International NGOs, more than three hundred National/local level NGOs, Research Institutes, and Associations of Civil Society Organizations. From special interest on TCAM, Mr. Bhattacharjee studied (self) Yogic Philosophy and Reflexology that contributed to his co-authorship of a critically acclaimed book on the later, published in early 2020.

Syeda Shahida Sultana

Coordinator, Health Care Program

Syeda Shahida Sultana Elora is a renowned Complementary Health Professional in Bangladesh. Her healing approach integrates a customized combination of Yoga Therapy, Reflexology Therapy and Acupressure Therapy. She is a registered associate member of the School of Natural Health and Science (SNHS), UK,  and a Yoga and Wellness Instructor, certified by the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India. Ms. Elora also serves the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Bangladesh Police as a guest trainer on Naturopathy for the Forensic Training Institute, Detective Training School, and Cyber Training Centre. In January 2020, she authored a critically acclaimed book (ISBN 978-984-34-7778-1) titled “Reflexology: Theory & Practice”.

Ms. Elora Studied Acupressure (Diploma) at SNHS, London, UK; Advanced Reflexology (Diploma) at Centre of Excellence, London, UK; and Homeopathy (Diploma) at the Bangladesh Homeopathy Hospital and College, Dhaka, Bangladesh. She is also a Quantum Graduate (on meditation) and has successfully accomplished the transformational program titled “Shuddhadvaitam”, on philosophy and science of yoga under Nithyananda University, Ujjaine, India.

Ms. Elora trained thousands of police officers on Stress and Pain Management in her professional career. She supported the development of hundreds of young individuals as professional Reflexology Therapists serving patients in different parts of the country. Apart from handling numerous cases, including critical illness, she has also transferred skills to many of her patients required to manage their health conditions through the self-application of Yoga and Reflexology.