Empowering Marginalized Adolescents: Harmony Trust’s Health Camp for Homeless Girls

December 21, 2023

On December 21, 2023, an impactful health camp was conducted by Harmony Trust, specifically
targeting marginalized homeless girls from the Mohammadpur and Shyamoli area. This event, part of
the “Enhancing Mental and Physical Well-being of Adolescents and Youth” program initiated in 2019,
was hosted at the “Shishu Bikash Kendro” of ASD in Adabor.
The camp was a melting pot of counseling, knowledge sharing, and practical yoga sessions. Participants,
grouped for personalized attention, underwent health assessments to tailor the yoga practices to their
specific needs. The focus was on equipping these young girls with the skills to prevent and manage
physical, cognitive, and emotional issues using yoga’s transformative power.
The response to the workshop was overwhelmingly positive. Attendees expressed how beneficial and
helpful the session was, marking a significant step in their journey towards holistic wellness.
This event is a testament to Harmony’s dedication to promoting well-being among vulnerable groups,
especially in urban areas. Looking ahead, Harmony is enthusiastic about continuing such programs,
further empowering underprivileged adolescents and contributing to the nation’s overall health and