Harmony Advocates for Holistic Elderly Care at Prabeen Mela-2023: Emphasizing Natural Health Practices for Aging Populations

November 4, 2023

The first ever Prabeen Mela-2023, held at the Baridhara DOHS Convention Center on the 4th of November, Harmony’s team focused on a vital topic: the importance of body and mind care for the elderly. This event was a poignant reminder that while the elderly need more care, their opportunities for it are often limited.

Harmony’s message to the participants was clear and compelling. In the face of the reduced effectiveness of medicines and the infeasibility of surgeries for many elderly individuals, there is a growing need for natural health care methods. Practices like yoga and reflexology, often underutilized, present significant potential to improve the lives of the elderly, offering a way to live with dignity and less pain.

This gathering at Praveen Mela-2023 provided a platform for Harmony to articulate these crucial issues, highlighting the need for a shift towards holistic, natural health care approaches. The emphasis was on understanding that as life progresses, the care we require changes, and so should our approach to health and well-being.

Harmony’s commitment to promoting natural health care, especially among the elderly, aligns with its broader mission of fostering well-being for all. The organization remains dedicated to ensuring that every individual, particularly those in their later years, has access to the care and support necessary for a fulfilling life.