Harmony and FIVDB Collaborate to Educate Tea Garden Workers on Breast Cancer Detection and Holistic Health Practices

November 5, 2023

Under the auspices of Harmony’s initiative ‘Embracing Early Detection and Holistic Measures Countering Breast Cancer’, a significant collaborative effort was undertaken with the staff of FIVDB’s project ‘Ensuring Quality Education for the Adolescent Girls of the Tea Garden’. This collaboration is a part of our ongoing commitment to enhance capacity and health awareness among the tea garden workers in the Sylhet region.

In a noteworthy event on November 5th, a specialized session was conducted. This session, leveraging the benefits of a virtual platform, brought together participants for an informative and empowering experience. The primary focus of this session was to educate about the initial identification techniques for breast cancer detection. However, the scope of the session extended beyond these techniques.

In an innovative approach, the session also introduced the participants to the application and effectiveness of Yoga and Reflexology. These holistic practices are known for their health benefits and their potential role in preventive healthcare. By integrating these practices into the session, Harmony and FIVDB aimed to provide a comprehensive health education that aligns with our ethos of promoting healthy lives and well-being for all, especially for vulnerable groups.

We are proud of this collaborative effort with FIVDB and remain committed to our mission of serving the entire population with a special focus on those in urban areas and vulnerable groups. We believe that such initiatives are crucial in our journey towards a healthier and more informed society.