Harmony’s Breast Cancer Awareness Workshop: Empowering Garment Workers with Early Detection Skills and Holistic Health Practices

November 3, 2023

In a significant stride towards breast cancer awareness and combat, Harmony conducted the fourth session of its skill development workshop for garment workers on 3rd November 2023 at 10:00 AM, located in Hemayetpur, Savar. This session was an integral part of our Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2023 celebrations.

Under the banner of Harmony’s ongoing project “Embracing Early Detection and Holistic Measures Countering Breast Cancer,” the workshop played a pivotal role in enlightening the participants about the critical importance of early detection techniques in fighting breast cancer. Moreover, it highlighted the application and effectiveness of yoga and reflexology as complementary practices in this battle.

Organized diligently by the Harmony Team in collaboration with the Safety and Rights Society (SRS), the event marked a milestone in our continuous efforts to empower the vulnerable sections of our urban population, particularly garment workers, with essential health knowledge and skills.