Month-long Training on Yoga and Naturopathy for COVID 19

September 3, 2021

The program encouraged and enabled 93 persons to combat COVID-19! The UNO of Gour Nadi Upazilla Parishad inaugurated the month-long virtual course on 3rd September 2021. The Chairperson of the Parishad was the chief guest of the inaugural event.

The UNO Office of Gournadi Upazila under the Barisal District sponsored the program. Apart from the high officials of Upazilla Health Complex, Upazilla Administration, and Law Enforcement Agencies, the Program Participants also included local Journalists and Teachers.

Yoga, Reflexology, Phytotherapy and healthy lifestyles were the methods covered under the training. Immunity, Respiratory and Cardiovascular systems, Stress Management and Control of Diabetes were the focus.

Media Coverage:

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