Organizational Capacity Assessment of Pooled Fund Supported Bangladeshi NGOs (BNGOs) responding to the Humanitarian Crisis in Cox’s Bazar and Bhasan

August 7, 2023

The project has been instrumental in reinforcing the organizational and technical capacities of four Bangladeshi NGOs—ACLAB, AGRAJATTRA, FIVDB, and GUSS. Under the Pooled Fund (PF) project, financed by Global Affairs Canada, ‘The Advocacy for Social Change’ programme of BRAC commissioned Harmony to bolster these partner NGOs in their commitment to social change and humanitarian response.

The main focus of the project was multi-fold. It began with facilitating the process of aiding the partners in understanding the necessity of continuous capacity improvement as dynamic Civil Society Organizations committed to Humanitarian Response. This was followed by the creation of a tailored approach for Organizational Capacity Assessment (CA) that involved both internal and external stakeholders, and support for the partner NGOs in crafting respective roadmaps for Organizational Capacity Development. Between March and June 2023, a three-member team from Harmony meticulously carried out the execution of the project in Dhaka, Cox’s Bazar, and Sylhet.

The methodologies utilized in the Capacity Assessment were comprehensive, including Discussion Oriented Organizational Self-Assessment (DOSA), Board’s Self-Evaluation (BSE), E-Interviews of the Development Partners (EIDP), Literature Review (LR), and Performance Scoring by the Beneficiaries (PSB). Furthermore, the roadmap formulation process was enriched with a customized version of the Outcome Mapping method, encapsulating an all-encompassing strategy to fortify the partner organizations in their pursuit of social change.