Harnessing Holistic Health Approaches for COVID-19 Resilience

August 23, 2022

Until the discovery and availability of a vaccine, the program was the light of hope for the Bangladeshis living under the threat of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Altogether 17 virtual workshops were organized between 10 July 2020 to 27 August 2021 for the people from 39 Districts of the country. Besides, Bangla-speaking communities of Australia, Canada, and India also took an interest and joined the workshops.

The series of virtual workshops provided the participants with a sustainable self-care protocol that anchors around adopting healthy lifestyles and WHO-recognized health care methods, i.e., Yoga, Reflexology, Acupressure, and Phytotherapy.

Through preventive and restorative health care and promotion of mental health and well-being, it contributed to the improved health condition of the participants in terms of stronger immunity and better performance of respiratory and cardiovascular functions allowing the body to manage COVID-19, naturally.