Celebration of World Reflexology Week (WRW) for the first time in Bangladesh

September 27, 2020

It happened from 21st to 27th September 2020 as Harmony Trust had taken the initiative. Apart from the launching of a user-friendly book on Reflexology, a series of events took place throughout the week. These include campaigns on mass media and social media and multi-stakeholder dialogues for sensitization of community and policymakers on the rationale for promoting reflexology practice.

The celebration of WRW 2020 initiated mobilization of opinion among a critical mass in favour of an integrative approach to healthcare. The personalities, who joined the campaign argued for the inclusion of complementary medicine like reflexology into the national health policy and system. According to them, it deserves so, as reflexology is low cost, has no side effects, can be self-administered, and is efficient in the early detection, prevention, and control of numerous diseases. At the same time, the campaigners stressed the importance of building a self-help movement for health.