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August 23, 2022

The multifaceted intervention has already helped thousands of people to rethink their approach to health, healthcare, and lifestyle(s). The E-library of Yoga and Naturopathy, the study circles, the interactive online events, and the audio-visual tutorials have drawn the attention of critical-mass on the importance of complementary healthcare techniques, i.e., Yoga, Reflexology, Acupressure, and Phyto-therapy in the restoration and maintenance of physical and mental health condition.

E-Library of Yoga and Naturopathy: It’s the world’s first-ever Digital Library of Yoga & Naturopathy! All materials are downloadable and free! The library has been providing the members’ access to a global knowledge hub containing reliable books, research reports and articles. Only the documents recommended by eminent professionals across the globe are kept here for the readers to avoid the risk factors of ‘infodemic’.

Dr. H R Nagendra, the Chancellor of the Yoga University S-VYASA, India inaugurated the library in 27th January 2021. Ms. Aroma Dutta, the honourable Member of Parliament, Bangladesh was the chief guest of the virtual launching event, where a number of reputed personalities from Europe, India and Bangladesh were there in the guest list.

Interactive Online Events: The events are organized regularly by bringing eminent health professionals from both the mainstream and complementary fields of medicine. The audience gets the opportunity to listen to experts’ opinions regarding their queries. Observation of relevant international days and the burning health issues are selected as the occasions of the events.

Apart from the source of evident information for the audience on healthy lifestyles and the appropriate use of complementary medicine, the events also contribute to creating the space for increased cooperation between medical practitioners of all types (Traditional/ Complementary/ Alternative practitioners and Allopaths) in addressing the challenge of Universal Health Coverage.

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