Empowering RMG Workers: Training on Self Breast Examination & Holistic Measures

February 2, 2024

Under the auspices of Harmony Trust’s “Early Detection and Holistic Measures Countering Breast Cancer” project, a training session was conducted on 2 February at 4 PM at Hajari Bagh Women’s Café with the assistance of the Safety & Rights Society (SRS). This initiative was undertaken as part of the observance of World Cancer Day. The training session aimed to provide support and guidance to RMG workers by educating them on the importance of “Breast Self Examination” and highlighting the benefits of incorporating Yoga and Reflexology in the battle against cancer.

Breast cancer is a global health concern, and early detection plays a critical role in enhancing survival rates and treatment outcomes. By equipping women with the knowledge and practical skills for self-examination, they are empowered to become proactive in identifying any potential signs of breast cancer. The training session also emphasized the significance of holistic approaches, such as yoga and reflexology, in promoting overall well-being.

The collaboration between Harmony Trust and SRS to address this pressing issue, particularly in supporting the RMG workers, is commendable. By spreading awareness and offering practical training, these organizations are taking proactive steps towards combating breast cancer and ensuring the well-being of the community.