Mindful Yoga Sessions for Adolescent Mental Health: A Resounding Success with the students of Holy Cross Girls High School

June 29, 2024

On the occasion of the International Day of Yoga 2024, Harmony Trust, in a special collaboration with Holy Cross Girls High School, embarked on a transformative journey towards fostering adolescent mental health through mindful yoga practices. The event, held on 27th June, was a significant stride in addressing the emotional and cognitive challenges faced by teenagers today.

Harmony Trust’s dedicated three-member Health Care team meticulously designed and led two engaging sessions for 235 tenth-grade students of the school. These sessions were tailored to confront prevalent issues such as stress, anxiety, anger, hyperactivity, frustration, device addiction, and attention deficit. Sister Kolpina Costa, the esteemed principal of Holy Cross Girls High School, inaugurated the event with an inspiring speech, setting a hopeful tone for the activities. Syeda Shahida Sultana Elora, Head of Harmony’s Health Program, followed with a compelling address on the importance of holistic health practices, emphasizing this year’s International Day of Yoga theme—Women Empowerment.

The sessions commenced with simple yet effective warm-up exercises, easing the students into a series of yoga postures designed for beginners. Under expert supervision, these young participants explored yogic postures to enhance their flexibility, strength, and balance. The practice was complemented by an introduction to breathing exercise, where students learned and practiced essential techniques.

An informative discussion on balanced diets, physical activity, and mental hygiene provided the students with practical tips for maintaining health in all areas of life. The interactive Q&A segment allowed for an exchange of experiences and reinforced the lessons learned.

The response was overwhelmingly positive, with students expressing a heartfelt appreciation for the knowledge and skill imparted and a newfound eagerness to integrate yoga into their daily routines. This enthusiasm was mirrored by the teachers who attended as observers, reflecting on the palpable impact of the sessions on the students.

Harmony Trust is committed to continuing these efforts, aiming to empower more adolescents by integrating holistic health practices into their daily lives. We believe that through such initiatives, we can pave the way for healthier, more balanced future generations.