Police Officer’s Orientation on Management of Stress, Pain and Common Health Issues

September 1, 2022

Till 2022, the program introduced Yoga and Reflexology to 5,104 officers of the Bangladesh Police. Altogether 102 sessions were organized in Forensic Training Institute, Detective Training School and Cyber Training Centre under CID; and in Police Training Centre at Mohera, Tangail.

Team Harmony designed and facilitated the two (2) hours-long interactive sessions on the application of Reflexology and Breathing Exercises in the management of stress, pain and common health issues. Police Officers of different hierarchies ranging from Sub-Inspector to DIG participated in the sessions.

The sessions place scientific evidence and methodologies (i.e., how it works and why) of the techniques, engaging the audience in presenting their issues and queries. Finally, the experts provide demonstration and then provides hands-on training on how to apply the techniques with safety and efficacy