Skill Development Workshop Empowers Urdu-Speaking Women in Millat Camp against Breast Cancer

December 4, 2023

In an impactful initiative on December 4, 2023, a vital skill development workshop was held for the Urdu-speaking women of Millat Camp, focusing on the battle against breast cancer. This workshop forms a crucial part of Harmony’s project, “Embracing Early Detection and Holistic Measures Countering Breast Cancer,” reflecting our commitment to enhancing health and well-being for all.

The attendees were enlightened about the significance of early detection methods in the fight against breast cancer. Moreover, the workshop shed light on the application and effectiveness of yoga and reflexology as complementary approaches in this battle. These holistic methods are essential in Harmony’s approach to promoting natural and preventive healthcare practices.

Harmony Team, known for their expertise in naturopathy and holistic health methods, conducted this engaging program. The Council of Minorities played a pivotal role in organizing this event, emphasizing the importance of community involvement in health initiatives.

Through such workshops, Harmony continues to serve not only the urban population but also focuses on empowering vulnerable groups with the necessary skills and knowledge for better health outcomes.