Study Circle for Adolescents and Youth

July 13, 2022

The adolescents and youths are the members of the study circles. The discussion topics are selected by the members based on a democratic approach to self-education around the contemporary issues under the domains of health, healthcare, and the determinants of health (e.g., WASH, Nutrition, Environment & Climate Change, and Social Cohesion). The appropriate dialogue methods are applied for creating deeper understanding, weighing options and making choices, and for making recommendations that lead to action.

The virtual events allow members’ regular participation from different parts of the country with ease and comfort. Based on the members’ level of intellect and interests, both introductory and advanced level forums are there. The study circle creates a scope of engagement for adolescents and youths in generating ideas and determining courses of action for social mobilization. Besides, it also helps enhance the knowledge base of the members and explore their hidden talents.

The program started in November 2020 and the events establish the linkage of the e-library with the mobilization/sensitization initiatives of Harmony. The library serves as the source of reading materials to stimulate dialogue during the circles. Similarly, the ideas/solutions (to the community problems) explored through the analysis during the events create the basis for the social actions as a follow-up.