Empowering RMG Workers: Training on Self Breast Examination & Holistic Measures

Under the auspices of Harmony Trust’s “Early Detection and Holistic Measures Countering Breast Cancer” project, a training session was conducted on 2 February at 4 PM at Hajari Bagh Women’s Café with the assistance of the Safety & Rights Society (SRS). This initiative was undertaken as part of the observance of World Cancer Day.

Celebrating World Cancer Day: Embracing Holistic Measures in the Fight Against Cancer

On February 1st, at 10 AM, Action for Social Development (ASD) held a training session as part of World Cancer Day celebrations. This session, organized under the Harmony Trust’s project ‘Embracing Early Detection and Holistic Measures Countering Breast Cancer,’ focused on empowering ASD staff with knowledge about Breast Self-Examination and the use of Yoga and Reflexology in cancer management.